About Babyandtot.com

Our philosophy - Help the parent to help their children! The birth of Babyandtot.com is to support the everyday parent do what they already do - and do it better! Our products are focused primarily for the children and to help enhance their development at an early stage. As childcare professionals, we respect each child as an individual in which each and every child requires tools specific to their personal development. Most of our educational items will have suggested development areas support specified to help you decide what area of development you feel your child needs. Our products are chosen from a collaborative network of Licensed Early Childhood Educators. These are the very same people that are employed in government licensed centers that design the programs for higher learning, and more importantly how to use the tools to execute a successful learning experience for the children. Whether learning methods and philosophies of Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and other programs derived from professional Early Childhood Educators, let us do the legwork in research to provide you with the absolute best products for your children and your family. You can continue to support your children with what these professionals do and use in childcare centers in your very own home!